to my daughter necklace from dad

Do you need a special necklace? To my daughter necklace from dad is a distinctive gift idea that comes with a unique message card designed by an independent artist. A message that expresses your love, affection & care for your daughter.

Father & Daughter relationship is very special. A father plays a very vital role in his daughter’s life that begins since she is born. So a gift from a father is always & should be very heart-touching and meaningful.

Finding a gift that speaks on behalf of you is not an easy task. Therefore ShineOn has taken – To my daughter necklace from dad gift idea – to a new height. These necklaces are unique by design and not sold in a traditional shop. The unicity and specialty of these necklaces are the message cards that are designed by an independent artist and manufactured by working MOMs. So whenever you buy a necklace you are supporting an independent artist and a group of MOM who put their heart & soul to make it affectionate and adorable.

Table Of Contents

1. Graceful Love Giraffe Necklace
2. Dragonfly Necklace
3. Personalized Circle Pendant With Buyer’s Upload Photo
4. Birthstone Necklace
5. Love Knot Necklace
6. Engraved Two-sided Stick Necklace
7. Double Heart Necklace
8. How to Choose a Necklace For Your Daughter

 Graceful Love Giraffe Necklace

Giraffes are familiar for being unique, graceful, and strong. Show your daughter who shares those same characteristics with this symbolic sign of love. And the message card also gives her the confidence to face the world, encourages her to follow dreams. A perfect gift for your daughter if she loves animals.

Dragonfly Necklace

Dragonfly Necklace- often called inspirational necklace because dragonflies are amazing creatures. They are brawny, rapid, and can adapt to mutates easily. If you want to inspire her, remind her how capable she is, then present her with this empowering & elegant necklace.

Personalized Circle Pendant

Personalized Circle Pendant is a perfect keepsake! Adding an adorable photo with your Daughter in the pendant and engraving your own word in the back of the pendant has made this item a keepsake piece of jewelry. Engraving a word of inspiration, prayers, admiration, wish, from you will always remind her of you.

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This type of gift always keeps beautiful memories alive, someone close to heart, & strengthens bonding. 

Love Knot Necklace

perfect gift for daughter

Symbol of immortal Love – between Father and Daughter. Comes with the free message card “You’re God’s remarkable creation. His spirit beautifully shines through you. I love you my angel girl more than you’ll ever know” which emotionally attaches her and strengthens the father-daughter bonding.

Engraved Two-Sided Stick Necklace

A delightful take on the modern bar necklace, the stick necklace will keep you close to her heart. The Stick Necklace is custom engraved to your choice of word on the front and back as a result it’s become a worthy gift according to occasions. This necklace is perfect for a birthday, graduation, etc.

FAQs : 

Question: How many letters could i engrave? 

Answer: You could engrave 20 letters per side.

Double Heart Necklace

Wherever your safari in life may lead you, I pray you’ll always be sheltered. Enjoy the journey and never fail to recall your way back home. I am always here for you. The necklace in combination with this heart-touching message card has made this gift item an adorable one. The two joined hearts represent a perpetual bond between the father and daughter. 

Birthstone Necklace

Birthstone Solitaire has been a popular gift for many because it is believed that birthstone has religious importance. This unique necklace is crafted in polished stainless steel & decorated with a sterling birthstone crystal of your choice. Custom engraving of your word(16 letters) has given this gift item extra affection. This cherished gift is certain to be a favorite. 

How to choose a necklace for your daughter.

A necklace has always been a popular gift item but which one is a perfect choice. It’s a million-dollar question.

As you’re gifting to your daughter obviously there is a reason for that so first identify does the necklace reflects your gift purpose. For example, If you’re buying a necklace for her upcoming anniversary and the necklace reflects that occasion somehow then it becomes a worthy gift. In this sense, a personalized necklace always stands out among others because you can modify it according to your purpose. Secondly, look at the quality of items but it’s very difficult to verify that quality. Therefore, above we have reviewed the best quality top 7 necklace for daughter from dad that comes with a 60-day-money-back guarantee. Thirdly, A gift always has to be emotionally attached. So look at the necklace does it describes affection, love, care on behalf of you. In this case, a necklace with a message card is a good option.

In conclusion, depending on the purposes, it’s very difficult to find a perfect necklace, therefore, a personalized one whether a   photo pendant, engraved name necklace, or anything is becoming very popular day by day. Not only that a personalized necklace becomes a keepsake over time.


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