forever love necklace

Beautiful Necklace for wife

Jewelry has always been one of the top choices for fashion sensible women whether for personal use or to gift someone or gets gifted by a loved one. A thoughtful gift can solve millions of problems among family, friends & others. This Necklace for Wife – Undoubtedly is a one-of-a-unique kind of gift that suits every occasion, every age. There are different types of jewelry for different purposes. For example, if you want to propose to someone, you might love to gift a ring to her or if you are buying the anniversary gifts for her then you would love to gift something romantic; therefore a Necklace is a perfect choice for her.

To make the necklace a perfect gift ShineOn take the jewelry as a gift one step forward & Forever love necklace(Gold) is one of the latest products that come with a free message card, designed by an independent artist which is the main turning point of the item that makes it stand out among others. This Heart Shaped Gold plated Necklace surrounding 6.5mm flawless cubic zirconia and decorate with smaller crystals that added extra sparkle and shine. As it is manufactured solely for gift purposes for her, they have tried heart and soul to bring romantic vibes to it. The Necklace comes in two variations of the gift box – Standard box & Mahogany style luxury box with in-built led light to make a romantic one.


  •   14k White Gold Finished.
  •   Adjustable Cable Chain 18” – 22”.
  •   6.4 mm Round Cut Cubic Zirconia.
  •   Height 0.8”(2.2cm), Width 0.7”(1.8cm).

Five reasons that make this Necklace unique :

  • A unique one-of-a-kind necklace for wife that does not sell in a traditional shop.
  • Designed by Independent Artist – So whenever you buy it you support an independent artist.
  • Manufactured by Working moms in the USA with lots of love that support independent moms.
  • Best quality ensured with a five-star review.
  • A complete package for a gift.
  • The message card speaks on behalf of an introverted husband to show love. 

Frequently asked questions :

  1. Is this Necklace made of complete Gold?

Ans: No. It’s 18k yellow gold plated.

  1. Which occasion is perfect to gift this Necklace?

Ans: Apparently this is perfect for her on any occasion but we reviewed the anniversary version of it.

  1. Who is ShineOn?

Ans: ShineOn is one of the leading jewelry gift manufacturers based in Florida, USA.

  1. Does ShineOn trustworthy?

Ans: Yes. Fully trustworthy. 

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